From Wikipedia: "Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit."
I was commissioned earlier this year to create a series of posters for Seoul Escape Room, an escape game business in South Korea. The concept was to base the posters off the old EC Comics covers, and show the story behind each room like an episode in a comic series.
Once 'Season 1' was done, they asked me to create two more posters for 'Season 2'. These were done in my more standard style, and to look more like movie posters than the comic covers.

The entire project took roughly 5 weeks, and was a total blast to work on. Huge thanks to John from Seoul Escape Room for getting me on board for this - and go check them if you're ever in the area!

My initial sketches for the first 4 posters - the title was just a placeholder. After going over them with the client, we decided to include more of the story elements - like the characters.
All the sketches for the first run of 6 posters. Drawn using loads of reference images & photos!
Episode 1: Murder at Apt 404! This room was dressed to look like a serial killer's apartment.
Episode 2: Alcatraz Dungeon! This room has you shackled in a dungeon before you try to make an escape.
Episode 3: Chairman's Office! Turns out, your ex-boss doesn't REALLY want to help you.
Episode 4: European Spy! In this one, you are lured into a spy's apartment which turns out to be a trap.
Episode 5: Secret of the Ancient Museum! I totally learnt heiroglyphics for this poster.
Episode 6: Jazz Bar of Death! The final chapter, and probably my favourite of the six.
'Season 2' of the rooms follow a time travel story - so I took influence from film posters for these.
Initial sketches for the first poster - we ended up going for a combination of both, with a focus on the character.
Episode 1: Time Traveller's Lab!
Initial sketches for the second poster. The second room is set in 1988, so the client asked for the poster to include many references to the time period - especially the Seoul 1988 Olympics.
Episode 2: Escape to 1988! That's the mascot for Seoul 1988, and his name is Hodori.
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